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April 23, 2014

Dear NCRP Team:

Thank you for your interest in the work of the William Penn Foundation and the feedback provided in this report regarding our grantmaking activities and current and potential impact in the Philadelphia Region. We have long respected NCRP and appreciate your dedication to challenging and improving the philanthropic sector. While we strive toward lasting positive impact, we recognize that it is often through external constructive critique that we are able to sharpen and hone our strategies and operational approach.

While the timing of this report was less than ideal given the ongoing leadership changes and adjustments to our strategic plans (thereby limiting our active participation during the survey process), we, nonetheless, thank you for the opportunity to provide additional information on the efforts and activities of the Foundation. Clearly this transitional period has created some confusion and uncertainty among some of our key stakeholders, which we have begun to address through a more robust and proactive communication effort. Additionally, several recommendations such as enhancing cross-silo partnerships and funding advocacy grants have been and will continue to be key priorities going forward.

Despite the difficulty of developing this report given the shifting nature of last year, we are highly encouraged by the many positive sentiments expressed by the survey participants, including our focus on longer term funding, effective grant strategy, strong levels of collaboration with our grantees, and the high quality of our staff. We look forward to building upon our current efforts in these areas.

Again, thank you for this important feedback which has been helpful in gaining additional insights into where we are succeeding, and, more importantly, where and how we can do better.

Best regards,

Peter J. Degnan
Managing Director

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