Conference attendees get sneak PEAK at new NCRP guide on using power to advance equity

Despite the tempting distractions of sunny Orlando, it was a full house at NCRP’s session at the PEAK Grantmaking annual conference in March. Co-led by me and Project Streamline’s Jessica Bearman, the workshop topic was “Beyond Good Intentions: Self-Assessment for Equity and Systems Change.” It was one of several sessions that focused on helping grants […]

2017 wasn’t all bad … some reasons for optimism

Before we get too far into 2018, I’d like to take this opportunity to remember some of the bright spots of 2017 related to philanthropy that advances equity and justice. 2017 was NCRP’s first full year of implementing its new strategic framework, enabling me to delve more deeply into health equity issues and the world […]

Outrageous headlines from philanthropy you won’t see elsewhere

Here at NCRP, we pride ourselves on doing good research that translates into effective tools for the sector. What many folks may not know is that we frequently hear about important news and happenings from around the sector before anyone else. Recently, we got wind of some pretty mind-blowing updates from our source. Some are […]

When a foundation board gets in the way of community impact

This commentary was originally published on Nonprofit Quarterly. Last month brought the announcement that William Penn Foundation executive director Laura Sparks has accepted the position of president at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, a college in New York City founded on principles of equity and inclusion. Given Sparks’ longstanding commitment to underserved […]

Should community foundations connect donors/donor advisors to organizations led by people from underserved communities?

Ninety-two percent of respondents to our most recent poll on the Philamplify website said community foundations should connect donors/donor advisors to organizations led by people from underserved communities. Out of three answer choices, 22 responded “yes,” one responded “no” and one responded “maybe.” The poll was inspired by our recent Philamplify reports assessing the New York Community Trust and […]

Which Funders is NCRP ‘Philamplifying’ Next?

Updated 5/7/2015 to indicate new contact for the Knight Foundation assessment. By Lisa Ranghelli Yes, Virginia, “philamplify” really is a verb. Or at least, that’s what my colleagues tell me, so I’m going to take it on faith that it’s true. And yes, we are going to philamplify more foundations this coming year. So, during […]

Grantmakers – it’s time for critical self-reflection

As we approach the end of Black History Month, it’s an important reminder for grantmakers to consider how to tackle persistent structural racialization in the African American community and other underserved populations. Dr. Robert K. Ross, president and CEO of The California Endowmenthas an insightful piece in the spring issue of the Stanford Social Innovation […]

When a foundation supports civic engagement by residents, what is the tangible impact?

In December 2013, NCRP released a report about the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation’s grantmaking. This review was commissioned by the foundation to assess the success of its 2008-2013 “Moving the Needle” (MTN) agenda to reduce poverty and support education, community change and nonprofit capacity. As president and CEO Sherece West-Scantlebury noted, WRF has already used the […]