Why should this foundation be philamplified?

There is very little information about this foundation; it has no website, no known staff or board members, no stated mission--making it one of the most secretive. I'm doing research on philanthropic organizations and would like more information about this foundation and why it keeps such a low profile. -- Guest

Foundation Type

Independent Foundation


New York

Overview/Mission Statement

Foundation Directory Online and recent 990s reveal that the Bat Hanadiv Foundation No. 3 is administered by The Rothschild Foundation and Yad Hanadiv. According to its website: “Yad Hanadiv is dedicated to creating resources for advancing Israel as a healthy, vibrant, democratic society, committed to Jewish values and equal opportunity for the benefit of all its inhabitants, carrying forward the philanthropic tradition of the Rothschild family.”

Website: http://www.yadhanadiv.org.il/



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