Why do you think this foundation should be philamplified?

The Blandin Foundation is a one of a kind foundation serving a local home giving area and rural communities in Minnesota. In 2004, due to local community unrest and a lawsuit over the foundations giving and actions, a court mandated that foundation be examined and reviewed under the supervision of a Special Master. Following the appointment of a Special Master, the Blandin Foundation has striven to improve their processes and heal relationships in their local giving community. Today, the foundation has just been released from the review of its Special Master and has come a long way to heal community relationships and become an attentive listener in serving their community.

Following this period of change, the opportunity for the foundation to benefit from "philamplification" and examine their practices to become a stronger and more equitable foundation is stronger than ever. -- Guest

Foundation Type

Independent Foundation



Overview/Mission Statement

According to its website, the Blandin Foundation’s mission is “To strengthen rural Minnesota communities, especially the Grand Rapids area.”


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